3 Jan 2011


For Christmas my husband gave me a 20mm wide angle lens. He ordered it online early in December but it didn't arrive until New Year's Eve. Naturally, as soon as it arrived I bunged it on my camera and went out for a walk. I really want it for photographing architecture and urban scenes but I was desperate to try it out on something big and this pine tree fitted the bill. I was quite close to the tree and managed to get it all in the frame, from top to bottom. But it wasn't until I got home I saw that, in my excitement to use the lens, I'd left the ISO set at 3200 after taking some indoor lowlight photographs the day before, so I had to work really hard in Lightroom to get it to look anything like reasonable.

I just joined the 2011 One Little Word workshop at Big Picture Classes and am thinking hard about what my chosen word will be. I think it may well be SLOW because two of the things I really need to work on are patience and thinking before doing. So at the end of the year when my husband gives me a 100mm Macro Lens (is it too early to start hinting :-)) I will take it slowly and get a great picture first time out!


  1. someone suggest I should get the 20mm to open my macro world up a little bit! will be interested to hear what you think of it. I tend to forget to change my iso each time, really annoying! anyway, I love this shot. I looked at the one word site too, couldn't think of a word, it did look a good course.

  2. What an amazing photo - totally worth the work it took. Can't wait to see what else you do with the new lens.

  3. That works great! Enjoy that new lens! :) We have a similar pine in our front yard. :)

  4. Wow! Really produces a different view, and a beautiful one at that!!
    Nicely done!