25 Mar 2014

design sketch

This is a sketch for development into a hand embroidered piece - probably for a cushion cover. I may use a mixture of appliqué and stitch or just stitch. Or both. Much experimenting and sampling to be done plus design development.

Pity about the shadow in the photograph but it covers most of an A2 sheet so was too large to scan.

19 Mar 2014


Playing with ideas for a stitched journal depicting various forms of fungi - such a fascinating subject.

17 Mar 2014

burgundy and gold

I did this whilst on holiday in December last year. Silk and felt fabrics with various threads. The photo makes it look a little brighter than it actually is.

7 Mar 2014

abandoned station in yorkshire

We stayed in a holiday cottage just the other side of the now grassed-over track from this ex railway station. A little further down there were some old railway carriages that are now holiday lets. The people who lived in the old station house kept chickens which used to walk along the platform and annoy Rosie who couldn't get to them! Thank goodness!!