19 Nov 2014

Ready to go

Bobbins wound and ready to go for the next exercise in Rebecca's course - sewing slits. Mini bobbins are from Woodland Turnery who are currently making me some small Aubusson bobbins which nobody in the UK seems to supply any more. I'll post a picture of them when they arrive.

18 Nov 2014

after Paul Klee

This is my final project from Part 1 of Rebecca Mezoff's online tapestry weaving course. It's woven from the back and I can't photograph it from the front yet as I need to wind it on around the loom to use the rest of the warp for my Part 2 samples. I'll post a photograph from the front when I cut it off the loom.

The arrow is done in regular hatching and appears as a 'ghost' behind the stripes.