26 Nov 2011


This is the flower of a large plant I have in my garden which I believe is some sort of a Japonica. The flower is huge and in all the years I've had it I've only seen it flower a couple of times. This time I had my camera ready!

21 Nov 2011


I made some Christmas gift tags from strips of fabric, beads, machine and hand stitching. I only made five for my favourite people! They make me think of stained glass windows.

15 Nov 2011


Such a lovely, healthy looking rose hip. Won't be long though before it becomes one of my beautiful dead things!

8 Nov 2011


Playing around at quilting. I printed my finger painting exercise onto silk fabric, backed it with batting and got stitching. And a little beading. I didn't plan on it being a 'proper piece' so hadn't figured how to finish it off. So I just stitched all around the edge with blanket stitch in different coloured threads.

6 Nov 2011


Mushrooms marching across my front lawn. So cute all cuddled together :-)

2 Nov 2011


This is a dill plant which has grown and grown and at the moment I can't bear to cut it down or whatever you're meant to do with them. It looked so beautiful the other day against the sunlit beech hedge that I rushed out with my camera and took some shots. Wonderfully ethereal isn't it?