7 Jun 2015

tapestry off loom

Just cut my small tapestry off the loom. Inspired by the architecture of Luis Baragan. An exercise in sewn slits but much to learn!

making mobiles

I raided my shell collection to make a mobile to hang from the rose bush in the garden.

19 Mar 2015


The landscape of the Forest rolls out in vast swells.
Golden grasses bend to the breeze, their feathered tops painting the colourless sky.
Gorse throws bright yellow splashes against the spiky, spiny darkness of its armour - yellow for danger perhaps?
Fern stubble is everywhere, paused, waiting to unbend its hidden spirals into warmer air.
Every dip in the land holds a stream or a pond, filling and emptying with the changes in weather.
The wind buffets the ground, drying the walks and stealing my breath as I stride into it, head up, invigorated.

12 Mar 2015

final project for my course

This is the design idea for my final project in my tapestry weaving course. It was done with a japanese paint brush. The big question was whether to weave this vertically or horizontally but in the end I decided to do it vertically because of the orientation of the lower marks.

And this is the finished tapestry. I achieved the vertical red line by wrapping the yarn around the warp between passes. It's woven in linen and wool on cotton warp. The background is mainly white but the photo doesn't really show it well.

16 Feb 2015

wonky triangles and smiley clouds!

Lord - I really wish I could pull myself together and post to my blog more regularly. I suppose one problem is that tapestry is a slow process and posting picture after picture of another inch or two woven would be very yawn making.

BUT - I do have a finished piece to post - this was my project from Part II of Rebecca's course. I'm not going to dwell on all the things that aren't right with it, because that's all a part of learning. And I've read a lot recently about perfection being over-rated!

It needs to be steamed - you can still see the marks across the weaving where it was wound round the loom.

2 Jan 2015

some finished weavings

This is my project piece from Part 1 of my course but this time photographed from the right side now it's been cut off the loom. I haven't finished it (it has to be mounted in some way but I haven't decided quite what to do about that yet) but this is how it looks without all the jumpovers.

And here's my sampler piece from Part 2 of the course also from the right side and also unfinished as far as mounting's concerned. I was really pleased with this when I cut it off the loom and could see the right side. Weaving from the back is great in some ways but when you have a load of yarn ends clogging it up it's difficult to see what it looks like. I will try weaving from the front soon and see if that works better for me.

I think this photo shows it a bit brighter than it actually is! The colours I chose were inspired by the autumnal trees outside in my garden and as you can imagine I started it a few months ago.

Next thing is to do a project piece for Part 2. I have my design and colours sorted out and am just about to start. This time I'm warping the loom at 10 epi rather than 8 epi and will keep the weft bundle at 2 of the 8/2 yarn.