2 Jan 2015

some finished weavings

This is my project piece from Part 1 of my course but this time photographed from the right side now it's been cut off the loom. I haven't finished it (it has to be mounted in some way but I haven't decided quite what to do about that yet) but this is how it looks without all the jumpovers.

And here's my sampler piece from Part 2 of the course also from the right side and also unfinished as far as mounting's concerned. I was really pleased with this when I cut it off the loom and could see the right side. Weaving from the back is great in some ways but when you have a load of yarn ends clogging it up it's difficult to see what it looks like. I will try weaving from the front soon and see if that works better for me.

I think this photo shows it a bit brighter than it actually is! The colours I chose were inspired by the autumnal trees outside in my garden and as you can imagine I started it a few months ago.

Next thing is to do a project piece for Part 2. I have my design and colours sorted out and am just about to start. This time I'm warping the loom at 10 epi rather than 8 epi and will keep the weft bundle at 2 of the 8/2 yarn.

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