28 Jan 2012

sunlit grass

Taken on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago, the sunlight was lighting up the grass from behind making it an intense green. But I still love the black and white treatment.

20 Jan 2012


I think this is called an umbilifer but not sure. Do know it's a 'dead thing' though!

13 Jan 2012

laurel bud

I love this little cluster of laurel leaves just starting their new life.

11 Jan 2012


I saw this incredible example of bark whilst out walking the dogs today. I had intended to convert the picture to black and white but it just didn't work, so here it is in colour.

1 Jan 2012

happy new year!

I love this rose hip with its long tendrils and sharp spikes. Oh, how I wish I'd removed the dead piece of stem before I photographed it though.