29 Apr 2017

More Sketchbook Skool and Sketchy

More of my newly discovered love of sketching and all things Sketchbook Skool and Sketchy

This was my attempt at sketching Danny Gregory, joint founder of Sketchbook Skool and first teacher in my Exploring course. I tried hatching again as that was the theme of his klass

This was my first watercolour attempt for Nina Johansson who was my teacher for the second klass. All a bit of a mess but really enjoyed using my new Daniel Smith watercolours.

This is another Sketchy portrait. I love this lady's happy face!

21 Apr 2017

Sktchy and Sketchbook Skool

I'm doing Sketchbook Skool's 'Exploring' course and the first week has been all about hatching with Danny Gregory. Here are my attempts:

My beautiful teapot and first attempt at sketching with hatching

A Sktchy portrait - too light I think, needs to be more confident, but I like that there is no hard outline containing the hatching.

Guess who - the morning after she announced another General Election in the UK and a woman from Bristol went viral with her comment, "Oh no! Not another one!"

14 Apr 2017

Sktchy Portraits

I've discovered Sktchy app and have been really enjoying making portraits. I didn't think I was any good at faces at all but I think I'm improving. All these are using Copic marker pens in a Rendr sketchbook.

This was the first one I did and I had a major blot caused by one of my marker pens sending a flood onto the page. If you haven't guessed it's her left eye. I tried all sorts of ways to try to get rid of it and it helped a bit but it's still much too obvious. I should have matched her left eye to it!

I loved the happy face this girl has - it was a joy to sketch her.

This lady is very exotic and I haven't completely nailed her - the eyes were very difficult.

What beautiful bone structure this lady has and what a long neck. I loved doing this one but need to learn more about how to deal with hair rather than just scribbling it in.