14 Apr 2017

Sktchy Portraits

I've discovered Sktchy app and have been really enjoying making portraits. I didn't think I was any good at faces at all but I think I'm improving. All these are using Copic marker pens in a Rendr sketchbook.

This was the first one I did and I had a major blot caused by one of my marker pens sending a flood onto the page. If you haven't guessed it's her left eye. I tried all sorts of ways to try to get rid of it and it helped a bit but it's still much too obvious. I should have matched her left eye to it!

I loved the happy face this girl has - it was a joy to sketch her.

This lady is very exotic and I haven't completely nailed her - the eyes were very difficult.

What beautiful bone structure this lady has and what a long neck. I loved doing this one but need to learn more about how to deal with hair rather than just scribbling it in.

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