13 May 2013

A week's sketching

These are some pages from my sketchbook from the past week. I've really been enjoying myself!

A sketch of my camera (rather simplistic!) 

These are some of my mugs stacked on a shelf (not so colourful in reality)

Had to sketch the rhubarb before it became a crumble

Some of my art supplies...

... and some more

8 May 2013

A whole mess o' bowls

A lot of messy bowls for the Sketchbook Challenge. Ink, watercolour and Zig art pens.

1 May 2013

Desk, study and irish wolfhound

This is one of my trays of art stuff. I'm very overdue for a tidy up! My little study room (I daren't call it a studio - it would make me feel as if I was pretending to be an artist) is difficult to navigate with a huge Irish Wolfhound lying behind my chair. I get pinned up against the desk unable to move anywhere :-)