28 Jun 2010

Colours of June

These are my Colours for June. What a lovely month it is. So colourful and full-blown - fecund! Wonderful word - describes June beautifully! These are the chives which run riot each year in one of my small herb areas (to call it a herb garden would be a bit too grand!)

This is a honeysuckle which grows over an obelisk in the front flower bed. It's been there for years and always produces the most amazing display of flowers. I have another one at the other end of the flower bed and although it grows like mad and needs cutting back really hard, it produces very little in the way of flowers. Very strange.

I'm so pleased this close-up shot came out so well. It just sums up the frothy, pretty peony and this flower was at its absolute best when I took the picture. Now they're finished and looking sad and pale with brown edges.

This is my hydrangea with almost black leaves. I can't remember its name but I looked long and hard to find one and over the years it has rewarded me with better and better displays of flowers. It won't grow in the direction I want it to and it's a nuisance to mow around, but I just love it to pieces.

23 Jun 2010

EDM 278 - P is for...

This is my drawing for EDM 278 - draw something beginning with your first name. So this is my can of polish. I really wish I hadn't chosen this because my least favourite colours are brown and yellow and it just won't go with my blog design. So I guess I'll have to post something new soon!

I've got one eye on the football as I write this post - England v. Slovenia, the last of our opening group matches. Football really isn't my thing, except at World Cup time and I'm completely connected. Especially because at last our side are playing like the professionals they really should be. So far it's 1-0 to England...

18 Jun 2010

Sketching again at last!

Yes - I've started sketching again. And how I've enjoyed it! We're not talking great skill here but the only way to get that is to keep at it. Apparently!

This is a sketch of a couple of the pots on my patio. The large one is a lily which is almost ready to flower now but nowhere near that when I sketched it. The smaller one is a patio rose which is also now almost in flower. It's done with Letraset Trio markers which I loved using but they bleed so badly in my sketching book that I've stopped using them for now. If only someone made a bound sketching pad in bleed-proof board. If anyone knows of one please let me know.

This was a sprig of lovely, delicate little orange flowers that a neighbour brought in to show me. I can't remember what she said it was but it was definitely worth sketching. The little trumpet shaped flowers are so pretty.

This is my latest sketch, of a half-eaten bunch of grapes. They were very good! Both this and the flower above are ink and watercolours.