28 Jun 2010

Colours of June

These are my Colours for June. What a lovely month it is. So colourful and full-blown - fecund! Wonderful word - describes June beautifully! These are the chives which run riot each year in one of my small herb areas (to call it a herb garden would be a bit too grand!)

This is a honeysuckle which grows over an obelisk in the front flower bed. It's been there for years and always produces the most amazing display of flowers. I have another one at the other end of the flower bed and although it grows like mad and needs cutting back really hard, it produces very little in the way of flowers. Very strange.

I'm so pleased this close-up shot came out so well. It just sums up the frothy, pretty peony and this flower was at its absolute best when I took the picture. Now they're finished and looking sad and pale with brown edges.

This is my hydrangea with almost black leaves. I can't remember its name but I looked long and hard to find one and over the years it has rewarded me with better and better displays of flowers. It won't grow in the direction I want it to and it's a nuisance to mow around, but I just love it to pieces.


  1. Lovely flowers! I cant seem to get anything to bloom in My garden, so I have to paint the neighbours flowers :)

  2. Wow, beautiful flowers - I love honeysuckle, but The Shepherd (who does all the garden maintenance) won't have one because it might get invasive. I miss how they smell on a warm summer's eve. T.

  3. Are you sure this is a hydrangea? The same plant (I think) is in our garden and it's a member of the elder family (believe it or not - I had trouble believing it) But actually the only thing that matters: isn't it a beauty?

  4. Hi Annie
    That's strange. I thought it was a Hydrangea Nigra but having googled that all the pictures I see are of mop-head hydrangeas and nothing like mine. I think you might be right - it has all the characteristics of an elder doesn't it? I'll do some more research. Thanks so much for your comments.

  5. Love your colors of June!! You're right, the peony photo does really capture the essence of a peony. I love it when that happens.

    Whatever your last plant is, it's very beautiful. I find myself wondering where in our garden that might look good!


    PS: I updated the strawberry shortcake recipe on my blog to have ounces for the butter. I totally spaced out about recipes being in different measurements in different places. I try to have a not-US-centric blog. Oops!