5 Jan 2011


I'm at the beginning of a new year doing what I always do - thinking about which direction my life will head during the next 12 months. Is it going to be a slow sail across calm waters, or a struggle against elements I can't control? So far it seems to have been the latter but the year is young yet and there will be many changes ahead.

Today I uploaded a photo of myself onto my blog. I have never done this before because I am totally un-photogenic and hate seeing (and have other people see) my photograph. But my One Little Word course starts with taking a photo of yourself, so I played around taking self-portraits with the safety net of having the camera obscure half my face. After I took the first few and looked at them in Lightroom I realized that I was a) frowning with concentration (not a good look) and b) sticking out my tongue in concentration! So I started again and eventually realized that I could look through the viewfinder, set up the shot, and then open my other eye before I took it! Then I even tried smiling at myself!! And the result is now up for all to see. I converted it to black and white so no-one would realize I have grey hair :-)


  1. I love your weather vein, ours is on the roof so I can't ever photograph it. As to your profile photo it looks great! I deliberately blur self portraits - don't want to be seen and I am letting my hair go grey so have wonderful badger streaks and no one comments as I am surrounded by paroxide middle aged women here in Kent, are you fully grey? did it take long? I like your new profile words too.

  2. I absolutely love your photo!! Beautiful!
    Like the weathervane too :-)

  3. Your photo is gorgeous!

    It is always scary to be in front of the camera - but so empowering to actually post a self-portrait.

  4. LOL! you converted it, then told us! lol :0) I love your self-portrait! And weather vanes always grab my attention!