5 Nov 2010

One of those days

I was quite pleased with the way this converted to back and white with very little tweaking. Just a tad of extra contrast and that was it.

It's the only thing that went right photograph-wise today though. I tried to take a photograph of a street lamp in very low light this morning - just after dawn on a grey morning so no colour in the sky at all. It just didn't work and I was disappointed because I see it every morning and had a picture in my mind of how good it would look. But it was completely out of focus and the light from the lamp was much too bright. I didn't really know what to meter off - to be honest I didn't know what I was doing at all.

It feels like a step back day rather than a step forward one.

So I decided to take a picture of my lunch and that looks rubbish too (the photo, not the sandwich!).


  1. Your b&w turned out marvelously! (I can't take a good b&w for the life of me and so in awe of those who can). I seem to be facing a lot of those moments of frustration lately - I've a new cheap, budget camera to tide us over until we get a better one (the house camera is off being used for research and the "good" one broke in the transatlantic move). This is inspiring me to just soldier on!

    Hope your Friday is going well and you've a relaxing weekend!

  2. I know what you mean when you plan something and then it turns out being completely rubbish. I take about 20 shots each time and then I abandon the whole idea and feel awful and blah blah...anyway, I think you lunch looks nice and I think your wire is fantastic, I joined fenced friday on flick, join that too with this shot!

  3. I do not mean to sound cliche, but if you don't take those steps backward, you cannot appreciate the steps forward!! Trust me, I am an absolute master of backward steps, and I take the same ones over and over!!! :-)

    By the way, I actually like the shot!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I love the wire! Amazing that part of it looks really white.