26 Aug 2010

Salad Days

This is a bowlful of my last remaining salad leaves from the garden. We've been eating home-grown salad for about three months now and there is something deeply satisfying about walking outside with a salad bowl and picking the leaves straight into it. We're totally organic so don't have to wash the leaves - just straight from garden to mouth!

I still have tomatoes growing - they've been much better this year as it's been such a dry year. I don't have a greenhouse so they have to be outside and in past years they've got so wet that they've begun rotting on the vine before ripening and I've had to rush out and rescue them in their under-ripe state. Great for green tomato chutney but no good in a salad. There are some plants (the ones with the bigger variety of fruit) that don't seem to be getting past the green stage still, so there may well be a chutney making session looming.

The leaves in the bowl include 'Cocarde', 'Lollo Biondi' and 'Red Salad Bowl'. There is also some wild Rocket in there and I'm still picking this despite the fact that it's flowered.


  1. LOVE your sketches and words. You make me want a garden! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  2. I love your drawings and your words, wow they are lovely and this blog is lovely, thanks for visiting mine