5 Aug 2010

Fly Like the Wind

I was looking through some old pads of paintings and sketches and such like the other day and I found some of my practice pieces for a calligraphy course I did with a couple of friends some years ago.

I remember really enjoying the course and doing quite a bit of lettering afterwards. I made 'Thank You' cards and birthday cards and one Christmas I made all my Christmas cards.

So I thought I'd see if I could remember some of it. I found all my old dip pens (I must have about every size anyone ever made!) I did this trial in my new journal book, but I prefer how the lettering looks on rough watercolour paper so will try something else. It doesn't really work over two pages of my journal either and my scanner doesn't seem to be the best in the world but I'm sure I can overcome all of that.

Half the fun of calligraphy is finding a quotation that lends itself to being presented in a visual way - it's also the challenge! Looking at work that professional calligraphers have produced is both inspirational and depressing, but I think I'm over worrying about that. EDM group has helped a lot to give me confidence to post some of my trials!


  1. I really like that red 'F'. Something I'd like to be able to do, but you need lots of time to learn I think?