3 Aug 2010

First day of Journaling

I started a new sketchbook which I'm going to try and keep for journaling as opposed to just sketching (with a few comments!). I've begun to read Gwen Diehn's book, The Decorated Page, and decided to try and work through it.

This is my first attempt and is based around some ears of wheat I collected on my walk with Misty yesterday. I'm a little unsure of exactly what a journal is supposed to include, but think it's probably just anything and everything that grabs my mind or reflects my day. Whether I'll be able to keep this up every day is very doubtful, but a few times a week would be good. And especially those days which have a real impact on me for some reason - sad days, or happy days or just grrrrr days (like today has been so far!).

This entry was drawn in pen & ink and coloured with acrylic inks. The journal is a Fabriano one with really heavyweight watercolour pages and a snazzy red and white patterned cover. Very yummy and it took a lot of courage to make the first mark!

Still working on the 'backgrounds'. So far lots of mess plus one rather nice one that I have no idea what to do with!

I also did a quick sketch for one of the EDM subjects. Pen and ink and watercolour this time and in the old sketch book.


  1. Over the years I have had at least a dozen journals.. and perhaps a dozen journal entries. They are such a wonderful idea but I've never had the dedication to keep it up. I'm sure you'll do much better than I. Good luck!

  2. Your journal will be full of memories one day as well as lovely drawings and sketches. I'm sure I've got the same little sketch book and the paper does seem to good to use!

  3. Is it the Fabriano Venezia sketchbook? I've so wanted to try that one, but have so many unused that I'm determined to finish them all before purchasing any more! I wish I could find the dedication to doing the journaling. Mine tends to wander back to just being a sketchbook again. To have the memories though...that would be great! Hope you find success! An excellent start!