31 Mar 2010

Colours of March

Only just in time to post my colours for March. These were all taken at the beginning of the month when I was on holiday in Suffolk. The weather was cold and windy but mostly dry and this shot was taken on one of the lovely sunny days.

These reeds looked lovely with the sun shining through them and lighting the tops. Best viewed full size.

This lonely bulrush is really pretty outlined against the water. It was a grey day which is a pity because it would have looked wonderful with the sun on it and against blue water.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing your colors in the nick of time!!

    Around here, we call bullrush "cattails" instead. It's funny how the same plant can have different names in different countries.

    It's definitely much greener here than it was in early March, and I'll bet that's true for you as well.

    Happy spring!