22 Jul 2009

My First Novel

Well, I'm gonna write it sometime. And right now's sometime!

I was searching around looking for inspiration and I suddenly remembered something I'd started a couple of years ago on an Open University short course. The problem was to find where on earth I'd put it. I searched through all the files on my computer and found the first chapter. Sitting down reading it I realized I'll have to make some changes (complete re-write!) but it's a good base to start from. And then, blow me down with a feather, I found the last few paragraphs of the last chapter. How on earth had I managed to write the beginning and the end (typical of me) and where for God's sake was the middle? Arghhh!

I started going through all my old notepads which are full of freewrites, journaling, moans and sketches, looking for anything that might fill the gap (and gaps don't get much larger than this one). And there, on the last two pages of an old, battered Paperchase e-co A4 notebook, I found the bare bones of a complete plotline through 18 chapters.

And my heroine? Why, none other than Sadie Larson, sassy, gobby private detective...

1 comment:

  1. omg, you got no middle obviously cause your lazy... (dont take me wrong, i am the laziest person on earth and beyond).

    I also had to dig out old attempts of poems and stories to get ready for A215 (ideas file that is). Do you really itend to write a whole novel while doing A215? I would find it impossible. I will impress myself a lot if i can manage a decent short fiction one while on A215 or at least right after A215. - Anna