24 May 2016

Stones tapestry series

I'm weaving a series of four small (12cm square) tapestries inspired by standing stones. They're monotone and when finished off properly they will be mounted together on acrylic.

These are the three I've finished weaving - the fourth is on the loom now. The backgrounds are white - it's the lighting that makes them look a little yellow in places.


  1. What is it about standing stones do you think that we find so captivating? I find myself wanting to some how 'tune-in' to them, as if if I was just able to get it right I might be able to hear them speak. Hoping I might be able to see the Ring of Brodgar later in June - fingers crossed.

    Lovely work Angie.

    1. Thank you! I think you might hear them speak if you sit with them long enough and ask them nicely :-) Hope you manage to get to Orkney you lucky thing.