23 Apr 2016

Young crone

There are resident herons on a nearby reservoir and each year they re-visit their nests to bring the next generation into the world. Unfortunately I was unable to get nearer and don't have the long camera lens required to get a better photo of this already large chick waiting for its mother to bring it food.

Heron is a sacred bird and was said to be the first bird to greet the sunrise and was able to predict storms. Three herons (or cranes) protect the entrances to Annwn, the Underworld. Heron is also associated with the Cailleach, the crone or hag, and as such is a bird of old age and longevity.

Herons dance in circles which mimic the movement of the sun.

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  1. There is a heronry in the country park where I start my daily dog walk - watching the herons and listening to them is always fascinating, now I shall think of them as fellow crones!