19 Dec 2013


This is my first post - just before the Winter Solstice, a time where the old is finished and the new begins.

My beginning is a journey through the art of Tapestry Weaving. I am a complete beginner, self-taught, and my intention is to record my journey from that point to, hopefully, someone who can call herself a tapestry weaver.

The moment I decided to start recording my progress was the day this week when an email newsletter from American Tapestry Association (ATA) dropped into my inbox with notification of an Untitled/Unjuried exhibition for 2014. The only requirement is small format (up to 25cm square) original recent work.

Recent for me means I must start now. Small format it may be but it's still a huge planning exercise before I even start weaving. So, sketch book first for the design followed by cartoon and then weaving.

My entry must be in by January 31, 2014 and the tapestry by March 31. I am going to fill in the entry form on Sunday which is the day after Winter Solstice therefore, for me, the first day of the new year.

This was a sample I did a little while ago - not something I'm proud of but a good reminder of how far I have to go!

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