8 Feb 2013

Start of another Tapestry experiment

This started off as a planned tapestry with a cartoon which I inked onto the warps (you can just see the marks) but seems to be turning into an experiment. I've played around with colour gradations and different types of joining verticals (both sewn slits and interlocking. The interlocking seems to give a much smoother result but that may be because my sewing wasn't brilliant so this needs more work. I also wove some gold floss through in a couple of places but my photo hasn't really picked that up very well.

The really strange thing is that it's developed an extremely droopy bottom (wonder where it got that from!) and is now also developing a rounded top - both of these anomalies on the left-hand side. I can see how the bottom started bending - probably because I didn't tie off the base wefts tightly enough - but I can't figure how the top started bulging. Maybe when it's finished I'll call it a shaped piece and pretend it was always designed this way!

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