19 Oct 2012

Process of Elimination

These two photographs are my submission for Kat's Exploring with a Camera: Process of Elimination post.

This is the original photograph with lots of busyness in the background which detracted from the colourful boats and kept dragging the eye into the top left-hand corner. It was badly in need of cropping.

This is the finished photograph, cropped so that the distraction is removed and with the shadows slightly lightened to give more definition to the movement in the sea.


  1. Great picture! The finished one looks even better. :-)

  2. That crop makes a big difference! In the first one, I see the boats and didn't consciously recognize the distraction, but in the second one there was a sense of relief for me. I didn't realize the tension caused by the distraction until it was gone! The second one allows me to focus on the boats as you intended. Great exploration of the Process of Elimination. Thanks for joining Exploring with a Camera!