4 Jul 2012

roll on 16th july

I broke my wrist at the beginning of June. Didn't realize it was a break; thought it was just sprained so carried on the best I could. When the swelling didn't go down I was nagged into going to the doctor who arranged an x-ray and I've been in plaster ever since! SO frustrating! I can't do half the things I want to do. I was just starting on a sampler tapestry weaving but can't work the fingers of my hand well enough to carry on with it. Still - only 12 days to go now!

I did manage to do a quick pen, ink & wash sketch of a rather good bottle of Shiraz before opening it. It's history now...


  1. Sending healing vibes ~~~ your way :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. How terrible, hope it heals quickly.

  3. I keep meaning to email you to ask if you are ok, that's such a shame but it hasn't stopped you being amazing creative, your drawings are beautiful, you should make them into cards. Have you looked at moo.com these would be great made up by them.

  4. Really sorry to hear that Angie, what a nightmare. I'm pleased there are still some creative projects you can do. Drinking the wine is a very good medicine!