28 Dec 2011


After seeing pictures of several of my blog friends' studios I decided the time had come to 'fess up to the mess I work in and post some photos. Here is my desk/work table:

It shows my tapestry sampler in progress which restricts the amount of space I have left to work on as it attaches to the table on clamps for comfortable working. The monitor belongs to my old PC which I rarely use now as I have a Mac notebook which I love. But I still need it for a few things so I keep it.

This view is the wall behind my worktable:

I've been careful not to include the floor area in the photograph because there's a lot of stuff down there that REALLY needs to be tidied up! The two collages are by a favourite artist of mine, Nagib.

This wall has my project/inspiration board and containers below for art materials and yarns.  My studio also houses our wine rack which can be seen bottom right! How's that for good planning :-)

This was a great opportunity to use my 20mm wide angle lens which I don't use that often. It also reminded me that I need to tidy my camera equipment away somewhere in this room.

I found taking these photos and writing about them quite emotional. It confirmed my worries about the fact that I'm such a butterfly, moving so rapidly from painting to embroidering to drawing to photography to weaving and on and on without really settling on one thing, making it my own and developing it properly. This actually worries me a lot - it seems to me that it's a big flaw in my character and something that I need to do something about. With another New Year nearly upon us I find myself thinking a lot about these things and wondering what I can do to change. I'm not a fan of new year's resolutions, but I do certainly get that feeling at this time of year that if I need to make changes now's the time.

But how to make them is the problem...


  1. I love all your studio stuff. I don't believe that actively creating in many mediums to be a character flaw. The main thing is that you enjoy what you're doing when you are actually doing it. I know that many choose one path and study intensely, but in my view life is too short not to try everything that interests or inspires you :). With each project there is always learning.
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  2. I would say your work space is a very interesting and cosy one and I would agree with Michelle that actually it is good to be working in different mediums ... it keeps us fresh. Wishing you a very happy new year and thank you for visiting me

  3. I think having diverse interests and loves keeps the world fresh and motivation flowing.

  4. I love your pictures, I can imagine you sitting there with all your craft things. I do exactly the same and flit from one thing to another, there is nothing wrong with it, it shows how creative you are! happy new year by the way!