2 Sept 2011


There are still lots of blackberries on the bushes but most of them are past their best. I need to pick loads to use for fabric dying experiments before they're completely over. Also elderberries although these are only just starting so I have some time.

I wonder how similar/different the colour from the two types of berry will be.  And I wonder how simple I can make the process. I believe salt can be used as a fixative for berry dyes so that's where I'll start.


  1. I was going to make elderberry wine last year and was put off by people who kept telling me that the colour stains and gets absolutely everywhere! I assume blackberry wouldn't stain quite as much. Try making wine first, much more fun and then you will be too drunk to worry about the fabric!

  2. Beautiful - makes me hungry for a big salad with blackberries on top

  3. I have a wild blackberry bush growing over my fence. I've been making blackberry and juniper berry jam. Taste wonderful! I never realised you could also use them for dye.