8 Feb 2011


It's a beautiful day today - the wind has dropped and the sky is blue, and I went for a walk up on top of the forest with Misty.  We met an old dog-walking friend who, like us, has owned many Wolfhounds and she told me of the death of her beloved Flora at the weekend. Flora was only just over 6 and died of bone cancer. Wendy has lost three Wolfhounds to bone cancer and, of the six that we've owned, we've never had one case. Isn't that strange? I felt so sorry for her - she just wanted to cuddle Misty and smell Wolfhound. I know exactly how she feels and I dedicate these heather buds to Flora.


  1. oh tales of dogs dying always makes me want to cry, this is so sad. Six is very young to die for a dog, I would be completely and utterly lost without my two dogs. I love your shot, I don't think I've ever seen it here except when gypsies shove it at you in the street!

  2. Beautiful shot. It reminds me so much of home; I've not seen any heather in New Zealand.

  3. So sad about the dog, I hate to hear of that happening.