19 Jan 2011


...Spring, that is. I was out in the fields today photographing more of my beloved 'dead things' when I noticed that not everything was dead and dying any more.  I saw these beautiful buds looking so hopeful and ready to go that my heart leapt and I began to look for more signs of approaching spring...

and saw these beautiful catkins (or at least I think they're catkins!) ...

and these buds reaching for the sky which, for the first time for weeks, was blue.


  1. You see spring, I wake up to more snow, I'm a bit jealous.

  2. Yay! You are the official harbinger of Spring. Thanks for posting the notice!

  3. You're way ahead of us. Nothing growing just yet..and I love the images. So filled with hope!!!

  4. Spring? Really? Are you sure? We're in the negatives today, supposed to get to -19 with windchills down in the -20-30s - brrrr. Seems spring is so far away!