3 Dec 2010


This is the only bit of unfrozen water that's left on our local lake and it's crowded. That's probably also because it's where people come with bread to feed the wildfowl. The swans take bread from my fingers but they have sharp beaks and they lunge so I have to be careful. When the Canada Geese are around I try to feed them by hand too but they're much shyer than the swans.

There are several of these little 'snow islands' on the lake where vegetation pokes up from the surface. Some of them are like mini sculptures.

This is a minimalist one!


  1. these are great, poor little things in that tiny patch of unfrozen water. Hope you are staying warm.

  2. The 2nd and 3rd captures are especially amazing - looking almost like modern sculptures! Also hoping you're staying bundled-up against the cold :)

  3. lovely winter shots! i really like the b&w :)

  4. I always feel so sorry for geese/ducks when the ponds begin to freeze, but they never seem to mind. Wish I didn't!!

    Have a great weekend Angie!