6 Dec 2010


This is a photo from a few years ago. My older Wolfhound, Misty, is being attacked by the puppy, Alfie. He's only about three months old in this picture but however annoying he got Misty just put up with him and let him know that she was always the boss.

We don't have Alfie now - he developed a really bad habit of chasing anything on four legs and brought down a full-grown llama which lived not far away from us. He didn't hurt it but we felt it would only be a matter of time before he got into real trouble and we were worried that Misty, who wouldn't say boo to a goose, would start to run with him. The Irish Wolfhound Society re-homed him for us and he went to live in the Forest of Dean. No doubt he's having great fun chasing the wild boar that are abundant there! I was broken hearted at giving him up but out of the six Wolfhounds we've had he was the only one that displayed this type of temperament. He used to have his own blog called 'The Alfie Memorandum' which was great fun at the time.

Gosh, it's bringing tears to my eyes thinking of him. He was truly beautiful but unfortunately wayward.


  1. Unfortunately, sometimes this just happens, and you did the best you could in finding him a new home. Love these dogs. They are just beautiful!

  2. I couldn't agree with Lisa more - it just happens sometimes, and nothing you could have done beyond the amazing thing you already did - to find him a new home. I'm sure he's having a grand ole time running around the Forest of Dean :) I do love dogs and this was a great pic to see on a too-long Monday - thank you!

  3. I'm sure it was heartbreaking. :( My husband thought it was an Irish Wolfhound in our yard last week. Is he? http://lisaschaos.com/company/ He was about waist high I think. He had beautiful eyes! Yours looks feisty!

  4. it is so heartbreaking, my dogs are my babies, it's tough when things like this happen. I love this shot especially good in black and white.