3 Nov 2010

Street Photography Course Week 1

Well, my online street photography course officially starts today and lasts for eight weeks. I was conscious that I'd be expected to get out there and get going pretty quick, and as I had to go to London to see a client this morning I didn't want to miss an opportunity for some nifty photoing. But I didn't think I could take my beloved Canon as well as my laptop and everything else for my meeting, so I took my husband's point and shoot Lumix.

As soon as I saw these colourful hire bicycles I knew they'd make a great image.

This is my morning espresso fix at an outdoor cafe in a London street.

And this is my first real photograph of an unsuspecting person acting naturally! Woefully out of focus but my excuse is that I couldn't shoot manually so it's the camera's fault :-) I loved the expression of concentration on this little boy's face as he took a photo of his family in the concourse of Victoria Station. I took quite a few photographs there while I waited for my train home but I wasn't happy with any of them except for this one which I like for its subject but definitely not for its lack of technical ability.

For the next eight weeks I'm going to be welded to my Canon day and night. I've got to get used to focusing quickly and learn how to work out exposure with no help from the camera. Anyone heard of the 'Sunny 16' rule? Nor had I this morning. And maths was never my best subject!!


  1. These are wonderful - I love the brightness of those bikes for hire, and so fun/funny about the little boy at Victoria Station! How marvelous you're taking a course that targets outside street photography (maths was never my strong suite either - I wouldn't be very good at this). Btw, I can finally follow you, thanks to the computer doctor! :)

  2. what is the sunny 16?? I like these shots, the bikes are great, I look forward to you teaching us all!

  3. Sunny f/16 Rule? Yup. Took me awhile to get it, but once I did it works well. I am looking so forward to following you in this course. You are so brave!

  4. You'll do great! I love these! I thought the bikes were exercise bikes, but are you saying they are bikes for rent. Love the little guy!