28 Nov 2010


Today has been another cold one and yesterday's frost didn't completely clear away before another last night. This buddleia is a lovely dark purple in summer and it still retains some of that colour, enhanced by its sprinkling of frost. I was tempted to convert to black and white but I like the slight greenness of the background which compliments the colour of the flower.

We've had the wood burner going full time since Friday and in the garden the smell of woodsmoke is lovely, beckoning me in to sit in front of its cosy warmth. This morning we went for a walk on the forest and the ground was rock hard - a nice change from mud. The view from the top of the hill showing everything coated with a pale coat of frost against a watery blue sky was stunning.

I think the coming week's street photography course includes work with motion and different shutter speeds. I suspect anyone outside in the cold will be walking pretty fast so I'll start panning at 1/125 and work from there. It sounds as if I know what I'm talking about doesn't it!!


  1. Exquisitely beautiful color and detail. Great eye!

  2. Although I'm sure it would've been a lovely b&w, I adore the colour as well. Just gorgeous!

  3. lovely colour, mine is brown and sad here. Good luck with your assignments this week in the cold, look forward to seeing the results.

  4. Gorgeous tones in this photograph!