17 Nov 2010

Drama on the Forest

I love the drama of this shot which benefits greatly from the interesting sky in the background. I shot it against the sun so the tree would be silhouetted and just upped the contrast a little in Lightroom.

According to the DVD "The Art of Black and White" which I bought recently and have really enjoyed, there are four elements, at least one which should be present when taking photographs for black and white. They are line, shape, texture and form. I think this fits into the shape category whereas my post yesterday fits firmly in the line category.


  1. What a sky - and the tree silhoutted against it makes a dramatic b&w indeed! Beautiful. That is so interesting about the DVD take-away points, as a novice I love learning more about these things :)

  2. this is lovely and dark and moody, a great shot. Oh dear I think I need to get all four elements in my shots, I read too much on doing the right thing and then get in a complete muddle, it sounds like your course is going great.

  3. It's wonderful! The tree appears to be a big creature in the sky, lol.