13 Nov 2010

Bric a Brac Shop

I stopped at this shop this morning on the lookout for props. I wanted a small, rustic table for placing objects on to photograph. They had a lovely one in the window - all chipped paint and bare wood - which would have been perfect but, apart from being a little larger than I want, it was also hugely expensive!

But I did buy a potato/apple storage tray for £10. You can see them stacked on the pavement outside (with the watering can on top). I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it - the textures are good.

The shop was full of interesting things, from furniture to ornaments to pieces of vintage fabric. And that lovely little milking stool you can see by the step.


  1. I love the photograph and this shop, I could spend hours rummaging through it and your apple boxes look great. All the wonderful textures of the bits and pieces come through in black and white in this wonderful picture. I love the angle you have taken everything from as well, makes it so interesting. Hey, if you line the crates with black plastic you can fill them with soil and then use for your hyacinths!

  2. I love exploring shops like that! Too bad about the table. :( You'll find something though. :)

  3. Love shops like this, and your photograph of it is just beautiful

  4. I so enjoy browsing through shops like these. Thanks for sharing!