21 Nov 2010


There aren't many flowers left to photograph at the moment but this lovely white wild flower beckoned to me from out of the dark foliage by the lane. I haven't got the focus right - I think it should be on the nearest flowerhead but I may have shifted slightly after focusing.

I spent a little time in the garden today in between periods of drizzle photographing dead plants. And I discovered something - they are absolutely beautiful. When you get up close and really look at them properly you realize that they're not just brown and colourless, but have a subtleness about them that is a perfect balance for the riot of colour we had in summer and autumn. It probably sounds completely stupid but I got all excited about these decaying beauties - I felt I was the first one to discover beauty in death. But of course I'm not - it's just that since picking up a camera I'm noticing all sorts of things I hadn't seen before.

So I may leave black and white for a little while to photograph a series of 'Dead Things'.


  1. There is beauty in nature's decay, no doubt about it. I'm looking forward to seeing your series.

  2. I love the happy chaotic centers! Very pretty!

  3. these look beautiful and I can't believe how 'dead' things look so fantastic at the moment, amazing what you find once you start looking through a lens.

  4. It's incredible that these are dead, and yet yield such beauty in death. I love what you said about seeing new things through your camera lens. The joy of 'seeing anew' through photography :)