30 Oct 2010

Silhouetted Ducks

I discovered this photograph while I was sorting all my images in Lightshop. I took it it last December and, to be perfectly honest, it was a disaster because it was full daylight and I had completely got the exposure wrong.

But when I looked it again yesterday I thought what a good example it would be for Shutter Sisters' theme of Imperfection. I tweaked it a little and made it black and white and I'm really quite pleased with it. It's always a good idea to look again before deleting images - I'm beginning to learn that.


  1. this is a great black and white, I love it, I delete my pictures way too quickly. Did you read my email about black and white November?

  2. Sometimes I take a blown out image and make it a high key one - sometimes it works like what you've down here, making it b&w. :0)

  3. This is lovely. So peaceful..and wonderful in b&w. Gorgeous light!