27 Oct 2010

Playing with my new lens

This was the wonderful sunrise I leapt out of the car to photograph yesterday morning. It just took my breath away.

Colourful autumn leaves are becoming a bit rarer now as the weather gets cooler and wetter but while I was out walking at lunchtime today in a brief spell of sunshine I saw these lying in the grass.

And on the way home I saw this windmill and thought it might make a nice black & white image.

So, a hotchpotch of images today. I'm going to try to find a reasonably priced online course that will teach me about still life photography as I was so inspired by the wonderful photograph that Justine Gordon posted today.


  1. Oh I love these! The first one is so beautiful (I've a soft spot for sunrises and sunsets). I'm playing with a new camera too, and feeling shy about posting things (except for a teeny fall foliage post Monday, all the other photos have been disappointing me) - but you've just inspired to keep playing.

  2. Congratulations on the new lens Angie! These photographs are great. The first one is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. oh my god! that's my name up there! thankyou I feel very priviliged!! that is so kind of you. I love these shots, new lenses take such a long time to get comfortable with, apparently each lens has a 'sweet spot', I think you can easily google the sweet spot of the lens you are using. I have had a 24-70 for 3 months and only last week felt comfortable using it.

  4. Seems our oak leaves just go from green to brown - boring. LOVE your sunrise! I'm not sure I've ever see one that bright.