22 Oct 2010

Outside my Comfort Zone

My first ever black and white image! I bought a DVD about Black & White Photography which is specific to Canon EOS cameras. It's amazing - I'm learning all about coloured filters and what their effect is on black & white pictures and why and when to use them.

But most importantly, I'm now shooting and processing in RAW rather than processing JPEGs in Elements. I'm using the software supplied with my camera which means the changes available are exactly the same as are available in-camera. I know, I know - all you experienced guys out there already know all this :-), but for me it's new and exciting. I confess to getting in a bit of a muddle as I'm used to downloading my photos straight from the card into the computer, but in order to use this software I have to do it using the cable connection and I haven't yet found out how I delete the images from the card once I'm happy I have them all safely stored away. But I soon will!!

I left my second image for today in colour because I just think it's better that way.


  1. a great start into black and white! and I bet you will now always use raw. You've worried me as I use the cable to upload my photos and then I delete them off the camera once they are on the computer, I have always done it this way. Next you need to get lightroom! it's fantastic for raw and converting to black and white.

  2. This is beautiful Angie! Once I started using RAW, I never looked back. Makes any needed processing so much easier.

    One way to get rid of the images is to format the card (in camera). There should be a setting for that somewhere in the menu.

    Love the sunflower. I had a couple of them at this stage, but the recent frosts have really turned them into a very unattractive sight. :-(

  3. How fun! I always love exploring and learning new things, now if I could just remember what I learned, lol. Love your b&w and the sunflower! Yay for you for stepping out of the comfort zone!

  4. These are both so beautiful! I love the b&w (can't believe it's your first :)). And love the fading sunflower, very autumnal.