27 Sept 2010

Out and about with my new lens

Today my new lens arrived - 55-250mm EF-S 4.0-5.6. I know it's not the sharpest kid on the block but it's a start for me to experiment with. I'm exploring the wonderful world of Canon lenses and making myself a wishlist on Evernote.

 I was trespassing with my Irish Wolfhound round a fishing lake, looking for pictures to take when this crow started yelling at the top of its voice from a branch right by us, alerting all the fishermen. We beat a hasty retreat!
I spent a long time on my knees in the garden experimenting with different exposures for this shot. I'm not really that happy with it but it was the best of the bunch. Shot at f/22, 1/13 sec, ISO 800.

I couldn't resist these colourful peony leaves - a sure sign that autumn's well on its way.

I have one more shot from the day's experiments which I'm saving for tomorrow and White Cotton Tee's new Creative Exchange challenge. It's my absolute favourite and I have to admit a little surge of pleasure every time I look at it. It feels like a step forward. Watch this space...


  1. these are great, looks like you are enjoying your new lens, look forward to seeing your picture tomorrow!

  2. lovely!! hey, you won a camera strap at Shutter Sisters! woot!
    shoot me an email at tracey at shuttersisters dot com to claim your winnings!