30 Sept 2010

Images from the Forest

I am just incredibly pleased with this image. It's everything I wanted it to be. And I took it as an afterthought, after I'd loaded Misty into the car and had started the engine to go. I looked out of the windscreen and saw this stand of dying plants and got right back out again. The focus is absolutely spot on and you can even clearly see the cobweb attached to the plant. I know, I know - I'm blowing my own trumpet!

This is one of many dead trees on the forest that I've kept meaning to photograph. I would have photographed the whole tree which has been nibbled away by deer at the bottom to the stage where it won't be long before it just falls over for lack of support.  But I thought the skeleton needed clear sky behind it to show up its starkness.

I saw these huge mushrooms and decided to make them an exercise in exposure. I was looking for as much depth of field as I could get so they could be seen in the context of their surroundings. I'm quite pleased but the focus has fallen off right at the front I think. It was taken at f/32, 1/50 sec, ISO 400.


  1. you should blow your own trumpet, that first shot is fantastic and I love the other two as well, the first one stands out.

  2. And rightfully so!!
    It is a wonderful shot.

  3. These are awesome shots! I really have to take a photography course to learn how to use my camera properly! Whenever I try to take a close shot it blurs!!! These are fabulous, especially the first one and WOW those are huge mushrooms!

  4. So you should be pleased, I also like the leaf in the previous post...well done!!

  5. Those mushrooms are HUGE! Wow! I love the bokeh of the first picture! I always love to see tree skeletons. :)