13 Sept 2010

Autumn Berries

Suddenly the hedgerows are full of berries, a sure sign that autumn really is on its way. I hate the fact that summer's coming to a close but autumn is a season of such wonderful colours that I always get excited about the first signs of leaves turning to red and gold. That hasn't happened yet and the trees still have their late summer green hues; it isn't the fresh green of spring now though, but a duller, darker green as if they're building up their energy for the competition to be the brightest, most over-the-top tree on the block!

I'm still playing around with my new camera, trying out different settings. I prefer to use full manual because then I can see what I'm setting up and can try to figure out why. I still need to get more experience with focusing, especially with shallow depth of field. I would have liked the bunch of berries above to have stood out against a more blurred background so I have a lot more experimenting to do yet.

The wonderful colour of the leaves in this last photograph caught my eye; they were in the middle of a hedge dividing two fields and all around was green except for this burst of pink. I have no idea what it is - at first I thought it had berries on it but when I got closer I saw that they are delicate little seed pods. Ain't nature grand!!


  1. these are lovely, looks like you are enjoying manual, it's so much fun isn't it!

  2. These are so pretty. Looks just like fall!

  3. Lovely focus and depth of field in the first image.

  4. thank you for your comment yesterday, you are right and I have moved on with camera in hand! I see you are in sussex, whereabouts? I was bought up in sussex, now I live in Kent