23 Jul 2010

Shoe Love (2 x EDM no. 1)

This is absolutely my favourite pair of shoes. I just love the zingy colours and the pink leather thongs that wrap round the ankles and tie with a delicious big bow.

Because I love them so, I really enjoyed doing this picture. I used pen and ink, then watercolours, and finished off with Pitt Artists Pens which gave a little more definition to the colours.

As is pretty obvious, I had a little trouble with the perspective on the shoe at the rear. I can't quite figure out why it's wrong but it definitely is. I think the back of the shoe is at one angle and the front of it is at another. I really wanted to show the stripes at the back of the heel and I think I should maybe have turned it away from me a bit more.

But generally I'm quite pleased with it. And now, whatever happens to them over the years, I'll never forget what fun they were.


  1. Those shoes are fabulous, and your drawing of them is wonderful

  2. Great drawing and I can see why you like them (Im a shoe lover my self)... Thank you for visiting my blog & you kind words, and yes, they are flamingos (we dont have them here in Ontario, Can, but a friend of mine had pictures)... one of the birds is a pelican.

  3. A lovely pair of shoes! I don't think it's the toe or heel though, I think it's the bit in the middle, without the reference it's hard to say. I love to do the EDM's just so I get to try something I wouldn't normally think of doing...like shoes!

  4. i'm a shoe freak! this is a such a wonderful drawing! i love the colors and the delicate way you drew the shoes!

  5. This is so beautifully done. I think women's shoes are notoriously difficult to draw correctly - you need a keen eye. And these are colorful and light too. Wonderful!