7 Jul 2010

Macrobiotic Chaffinch

The other day I decided I need to sort out my diet (as in nutrition rather than slimming, although that would be a nice bi-product!). I got hold of Macrobiotics for Dummies and stocked the larder up with GRAINS. Grains seem to be the foundation of macrobiotic eating!

Before starting out with the cooking (see utensils at the ready) I decided to paint the packets as they're all so colourful. It was another way of procrastinating on the healthy eating, but the espressos and chocolates consumed during the art process helped soothe my guilt. (Are espressos and chocolates yin and yang? I'm sure they must be).

I did make a Quinoa Salad afterwards though. It was the first time I'd cooked the stuff and I have to confess I was completely unprepared for the way it bulked up when cooked. What started out easily fitting into the saucepan finished up barely fitting into the kitchen. I'm gonna be eating it for the next month! Wonder if my husband will help me out with that. Hmm.

Oh for a chocolate bar...

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