15 Feb 2010

February colours

Here are my 'Colors of the Month'. This challenge can be found at Life Looms Large . This picture was taken near where I work. It was a cold, slightly frosty morning with the mist still visible in the valley. The best sort of February day.

This was taken on one of my dog walks. The rusty old farm trailer which is gradually becoming overgrown and forgotten in the corner of a field appealed to me as quite a good composition.

This is a typical February scene, devoid of colour and just waiting for something to start growing. February seems to be one of those miserable months when it just rains and rains, on and on. But just when I was beginning to despair of any colour in my life...

...it arrives! The camellia is always the first thing to bloom - usually about the same time as the snowdrops. By now it's usually in flower but the unusually cold recent weeks seem to have stopped it short at the bud stage. I hope it'll be OK when it warms up a bit. It's in a corner of the house outside my kitchen window and it's always a joy to look out and see its cheerful pinkness when all around it is dull and brown.

1 comment:

  1. Great colors!!! It's amazing that a camellia can bloom outside there.

    The sameness of February gets to me. Same colors. Same activities. Same foods. At least it's a short month. I'm promising myself that March will be more colorful!!