5 Jan 2009

My Word for 2009

After reading Christine Kane's blog on a Resolution Revolution I decided that it was silly to, yet again, make the same old resolutions that are forgotten within days. So I thought long and hard about choosing a single word to keep by me for 2009 and finally decided on "Connect".

This is to remind me to connect with:

  • My friends and colleagues - making sure I both listen to, and hear, what they say
  • My spiritual core - making sure to regularly stop, be quiet, breathe and try to connect with my inner self
  • My environment - studying it, watching how I interact with it, taking care of it
  • My world - resolving to try and shop locally whenever possible, recycle everything I can and reduce my carbon footprint

But above all, it's to remind me that everything I do impacts on all of the above - we all interconnect with each other and our environments.

1 comment:

  1. I like this word and your definitions of it's meaning to you. It is a word I could have chosen for myself.