18 Jul 2007

The Wine, the Chocolate and the Warm Runny Cheese

Most mornings I stop off at a local newsagents on my way to work to pick up the paper. The person behind the counter is a lovely lady; friendly, chatty and very practiced at dropping in the occasional compliment.

I love compliments. Who doesn't? When somebody tells the bleary-eyed, mascara-smudged, frizzy-haired person I last saw half an hour ago in the mirror that they like the shade of purple she's wearing then I'm quite prepared to go the extra mile and buy a couple of Cadbury's Flakes along with the paper.

Which neatly brings me to the subject of chocolate. I am, obviously, partial to a Cadbury's Flake and even a Galaxy Ripple. But the absolute top of my chocolate heaven list is Green & Black's. I especially love their milk chocolate (whoops - drooled on keyboard) although I know (because I read it in the paper!) that a truly dark chocolate is not only better for me but actually GOOD FOR ME. Along with RED WINE. Now there's a migraine waiting to happen. Just chuck in a good sized wedge of nicely matured (no - not in the fridge - warm & runny is the only way) Camembert and you have the hat trick.

Aah - happy days...

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