21 May 2007

What now?

I've changed the picture at the top of my blog again today. Paul Nash is a favourite of mine - I love the sparseness of line in this painting - sort of minimalist.

Well, I got the story off for the competition in plenty of time. Frankly I got fed up with reading and re-reading it so thought 'what the hell' and posted it. Unfortunately they had to have a recent picture of me to go with it so I had to send the photo I used to renew my passport last year! White background, grumpy face, you know the sort. God help me if I get the story published!

Problem is I haven't a clue what to do next writing-wise. Don't have the incentive of the course any more and ideas seem to be drying up fast. Time to just start freewriting for a bit I guess which is what this is really. I'm off for a long weekend in Florence next week so maybe there'll be some inspiration there. How could there not be!

Just in time too - the skies are grey again today and it feels almost like winter again. Summer in April and winter in late May! Must stop putting exclamation marks everywhere - I seem to remember my tutor saying it's a no no.

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