18 Jun 2006

The Problem

I’m going to start by writing about writing – the actual process of gathering thoughts in my head and putting them down on paper. I think that the words need to convey the exact intended meaning to the reader. But that’s not my main worry; it’s actually finding the words that I need which causes most of my problems. I completely forget the word required to make sense of what I’m writing. Therefore, I intend to write quickly as the words flow and when I come up against one I can’t find I will simply insert three question marks so I can keep the thought going and come back to the word later.

So this is what this blog is going to do – free up my vocabulary again, dust it off and work with it so frequently that it becomes second nature again. This, to a seasoned writer, will no doubt sound ridiculous. How can you forget words? How can you possibly have a thought and then not be able to put it straight down onto ‘paper’?

My other problem will be finding something to write about. You can only look out of the window and write about what you see for a limited time, especially when that view is neither particularly spectacular nor interestingly populated.

Once I get the words going I’ll try and concentrate on other aspects of writing.

I think I’ll seek out an article in the paper each day I sit down to write and weave words around that its heading – not necessarily around the article itself.

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  1. Ok so you are into writing, embroidery and tapestry - you and me have a whole lot to talk about!! :)
    Edith x